Is There A Lot Of Funeral Insurance Companies?

How Many Funeral Policy Companies Is There In South Africa?

There are a lot of burial companies in South Africa, which means somewhere out there is a funeral policy for you, that will suit your pocket as well as your requirements.


How To Get Quotes From Companies?

Find a funeral insurance site that has got a form to fill out and wait until some broker sends you five quotes from five different firms. If you are not happy with the prices you receive, you can contact the broker and ask them to send you more.

There are firms like Momentum or Old Mutual Funeral Cover that will be more pricey than firms like Shoprite or PEP. This is why you have to search for the right company.

Just how to Publish a “Who am I dissertation”? Have Some Fun when Creating a “Who am I Essay”?

Just how to Publish a “Who am I dissertation”? Have Some Fun when Creating a “Who am I Essay”?

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Short Article on Pollution

Short Article on Pollution

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College essay authors planning to aid learners

College essay authors planning to aid learners

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A Summary Of Unique Argument Topics For College

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Just how to Create a Research Report in 10 Easy Ways

Just how to Create a Research Report in 10 Easy Ways

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Tips On Getting Funeral Plans

Here Are A Few Hints About Funeral Cover:

  • The younger you are the more affordable it is, thus get one while you are young.
  • Elder people pay more, because they are high risk clients.
  • People with a dangerous or life threatening occupation also pays more, because they have a higher risk of dying than other people.
  • People with chronic illnesses is also high risk clients.

BUT, this should not scare you; there are companies out there that will be cheaper than the other. More tips to get a funeral plan for cheap:

  • Visit a quote providing website
  • Fill out the form
  • Wait for a reply via your e-mail
  • There you will find 5 quotes from different companies, this way you will see which is cheaper than the other.
  • If not happy with the quotes, reply to the broker and ask them what you are looking for.
  • Their assistance is FREE.

Funeral Insurance Calculator

How does brokers work out your monthly funeral insurance premium? It is simple, you provide them with the information they need and they use a funeral insurance calculator to work out the amount.

You can do it yourself on websites that has the option to do it. You might find it on funeral insurance firms websites or quote providing sites. But, it is much easier just to receive the quotes from a broker.


Hollard Funeral Cover

All people should have some sort of funeral cover, and you can get one at Hollard. It is something that will certainly make sure that you get the burial or memorial service you want and how people will remember you.


Metropolitan Funeral Cover

Metropolitan is one leading funeral cover company in South Africa. This makes it a reliable firm where you will get what you are looking for in a plan. You have to do the necessary research before getting the first best plan, there are other companies just as great as this one.

Doves Funeral Cover

Doves has been around for years, and is a trustworthy company where you will get a funeral cover that suits you. Although there are lots of places to look at, you can keep this firm in mind.

doves 2

Momentum Funeral Cover

First National Bank has put their name with Momentum, meaning that if you want a funeral cover with Momentum, you would not make a mistake to get a policy with them. They are reliable and trustworthy.

ABSA Funeral Cover

Picking a funeral cover can be tough, but it is best to search for various of offers from all companies like ABSA before selecting one that does not suit you or your requirements. You will certainly find the right firm if you look for it, it is out there waiting for you to get it.


Nedbank Funeral Cover

Looking for a funeral cover from Nedbank? It will be a good choice, but just remember, there are loads of other companies out there. Make sure that you have a look at them before deciding on the first plan you can put your hands on.

Avbob Funeral Cover

This is one of South Africa’s leading funeral cover providers, Avbob. They are not the only providing policy firm that will give you good service and rates. You need to search and find out more about various firms before deciding on one.

PEP Funeral Cover

At PEP you do not only get cheap cloths and airtime, but you can now purchase a funeral cover from them. This is a good idea for people that do not have the money for more expensive offers. Now, anybody can have a funeral policy by just visiting them.


Clientele Funeral Cover

If you wish to have a dignity funeral plan and do not where to look, you can always look at what Clientele has to offer. Although, they are not the only company to look at. You should do the research and get the funeral plan that suits you, your family and your budget best.

Assupol Funeral Cover

Looking for a investment on funeral insurance company? Visit Assupol to find out more. They have a variety of offers and can give you premiums that is affordable. But, there are lots of firms out there that will give you a great offer on funeral plans, you just need to find quotes for it.

Assupol 2

FNB Funeral Cover

FNB is a financial institution with various investments, banking details and insurance. This is why you can get a funeral cover from them, without any trouble. It is a trustworthy place to get a policy, although it might be best to look at firms that is independent. Go to the link on this website and go to The Cross.

Old Mutual Funeral Cover

Old Mutual is a well-know institution with great ratings, because it is so long in the insurance and investment business. You surely will get a good funeral cover policy here, but do your research, do not hurry and find the most suitable burial policy for you and your family!


Do not be bound to get a funeral cover just from Sanlam, although it is a great company with a good name, there are lots of other places to go to. If you are looking for a life cover with funeral insurance options, then Sanlam would be the best choice, but if you are looking for just a funeral plan, look at other firms as well.



Standard Bank is just one funeral cover company in South Africa, and there are a lot more. If you are interested in getting quotes from various other funeral plan companies then this is the site to be. There are a lot of trustworthy firms out there and you are bound to find one that suit your and your requirements best.


Are You Looking For Funeral Cover Quotes?

Where Can You Get Funeral Policy Quotes?

Online would be the best place to search for quotes, especially if you visit the link under funeral companies. It will lead you to a leading funeral insurance quote provider. You can read more on that site as well.

The form on that site would be very helpful, if you are looking for more than one quote from various companies. What makes this more valuable, you can stay in contact with the broker until you find the burial plan and company that suits you and your needs. This broker’s assistance is free, so you can make use of them as you wish.

Remember, to supply them with all the necessary details and make sure you do not leave anything out and understand everything in the policy. The Cross will certainly be great assistance to you!


What Is A Funeral Cover?

Description Of A Funeral Policy?

It is an insurance type that a person purchase from companies like Momentum to settle their funeral bills for the day that you die. It is basically death coverage, because it pays for your memorial service and all the fees regarding it.

It is necessary to have, otherwise your family members would have to pay it out of their pockets. If you know, your family would not be able to afford this, save them the stress and financial trouble and get a funeral policy today.

It covers everything, if you stated it in your funeral plan… This includes your coffin or cremation, the priest and church or place, burial ground, food, transport, flowers and catering and so much more. It all depends on what you want.

Are There Individual Funeral Policies Available?

Where Can One Get A Funeral Policy For An Individual?

Firstly, yes, there are such a thing as a burial plan for a single person. Secondly, any funeral company offers single policies to any individual.

Any Person Can Apply For Memorial Coverage
Any Person Can Apply For Memorial Coverage

If you are a single person, living by yourself, taking care of yourself and you settle your own bills, then you need to think about a funeral policy just for you.

If you know, how you want to be buried and remembered, then purchase a plan and give a detailed description of what you want. You do not want your loved ones to settle your burial expenses for you, it is a grieving time for them, they do not want to stress about the finances.

Make the choice today, and get a funeral plan!!!

Do You Want A Funeral Plan For Your Family?

Info About Family Funeral Cover:

Ever wondered what burial expenses costs? Or if something is to happen to a loved one? Do you want to be prepared and give that loved one a respected funeral? This is not a topic people want to think about, but it is necessary to take into consideration. Why? Funeral fees is expensive, especially if the person wishes was to be buried and not cremated.

Your loved ones are the people closest to you, your family. If you want them to be remembered for the person they are, a memorial service can do that.

Is A Family Funeral Plan Expensive?

There are companies that is very expensive and have costly monthly fees, but if you do research you will find some companies to be very affordable. This is why you should go online and search for quotes…

Why Should Your Parents Have Funeral Cover?

Read More On Funeral Insurance For Over 60, 65, 70, 80:

With the prices of burial plans today, our parents cannot afford having funeral cover. Most of them consist of a pension that would supply them with their basic monthly needs and that is it.

If you know your parents cannot afford this, then you also know that if they die, you would have to settle the memorial service bills with cash. It can be quit expensive to give a loved one a proper burial. But, you can avoid this by taking out a burial insurance plan to cover both of your parents.

It will cost you a small monthly fee, because there are companies with affordable policies. This will help you avoid financial struggle when a parent or both dies.